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Daily cosmetic and skin care tips

No.1: retouching cells, activating circulation

Japan beauty expert Saeki Chizu suggested to maintain as "stewed radish, turnip with soy sauce, how to taste, to fully absorb the moisture expansion of radish fiber, soup can penetrate. The same is true of human skin. The main task of maintaining water with make-up water is to ensure that the water is infiltrated into the cells. Therefore, it is important to increase the time and steps of water maintenance. Afterwards, with a small amount of lotion and essence, it can reproduce the moist and transparent healthy texture.

Daily cosmetic and skin care tips to save two types of skin

No.2: emergency repair, sedation and sunburn

Recommended for sun design of cold mask, or the ventilation and cooling effect is good, the cream jelly, effectively adjust skin temperature, restore the skin's healing power and Q degrees, already caused the sun to appease the melanin stimulation, ready to suppress. In addition, the speed of "free radical" accumulation is usually several times higher than that under ultraviolet irradiation and high temperature. It is recommended that the essence of antioxidant formula or repair cream should be added to the maintenance steps to prevent the aging phenomenon of free radical detonation.


Daily cosmetic and skin care tips to save two types of skin

Reverse No.3: repair horny and prevent sensitivity

When the skin suddenly feels itchy and uncomfortable, use cotton stick to put a thin layer of moisturizing cream on it to calm inflammation and replace the damaged sebum membrane, so as to protect the skin from the source of isolation. If the skin has extremely dry or scaling sensitive phenomenon, it means that the cuticle is covered with cracks, the introduction should very period: thickdeposited moisturizing moisturizing essence, the deep gap filling cuticle moisturizing skin barrier, foreign assistance catch, catch the moisture in the air, gentle and continue to restore skin health.


Daily cosmetic and skin care tips to save two types of skin


Reverse No.4: detail maintenance, body free

Select Add shampoo mint, sage, tea and other ingredients, can penetrate the hair gently clean, also has antibacterial effect, to prevent oil odor". It is also important to note that if the jeans are too tight or muggy during travel, it is easy to cause private infection, itching, and even the scary odor. It is suggested to use weak acid special cleaning products, and carry a special cleansing wipes during physiological periods or when secretions are more. When you finish the toilet, you will clean it immediately, and reduce the uncomfortable feeling to a minimum.

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